TransEnterix granted CE mark for ultrasonic robotic surgery tech

TransEnterix received a CE mark to add ultrasonic instruments to its Senhance digital robotic surgery platform, broadening the system’s use to different minimally invasive procedures.

The instruments are designed to deliver controlled energy to seal off or divide tissues while limiting thermal injuries, bleeding and trauma to the surrounding flesh.

“Advanced energy devices are an important tool for laparoscopic surgeons because of their applicability within a wide range of procedures,” TransEnterix CEO Todd Pope said in a statement.

“We believe the addition of the Senhance Ultrasonic will help drive broader penetration of Senhance and help advance digital laparoscopy in Europe and other countries that accept CE Mark around the world,” Pope added. TransEnterix submitted the system to the FDA for 510(k) clearance review in early September.

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Based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, TransEnterix first received clearance for its robotic surgery system in October 2017, as a new entrant into the field of digital abdominal surgery. The surgeon operates three robotic arms—or four in CE mark countries—while seated at a console that provides haptic feedback approximating the stiffness of tissue.

More recently, the company acquired most of the assets of MST Medical Surgery Technologies, an Israel-based developer of surgical image analysis software driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“Adding innovative, novel technological capabilities to Senhance is a critical part of our long-term strategy as we work towards digitizing the interface between the surgeon and the patient,” Pope said, announcing the deal in late September.

The deal, financed with a combination of stock and upfront cash spread out over a year, includes the rights to MST’s technology, intellectual property and R&D team and establishes an Israel-based TransEnterix research center under a new subsidiary.

For the initial payment, MST will receive about $5.8 million in cash and 3.15 million shares of TransEnterix stock. The remainder will total $6.6 million, payable in cash or stock at TransEnterix’s discretion, and will be paid within one year of closing.