Tasso, Vault Health team up to provide at-home blood testing for siteless clinical trials

Tasso, developer of a wearable blood collection device, is pairing up with telehealth provider Vault Health to help simplify the process of performing diagnostic tests at home.

Vault offers remote services such as COVID-19 testing as well as drug and alcohol screenings for employers. The company also provides logistics for decentralized clinical trials, including sample collection and analysis.

The addition of Tasso’s OnDemand blood collection device—a small piece of push-button hardware that attaches to the upper arm and draws blood from the skin’s capillaries through a process the companies describe as “virtually painless”—will allow users and study participants to ship liquid or dried samples through the mail with no training necessary. 

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Last December, Tasso tapped into $100 million in venture capital to scale up production of its device and bolster its commercial reach after raising just $17 million to kick off operations in mid-2020.

OnDemand received a CE mark approval in Europe in May 2021, and Tasso has said its devices have since been used in siteless clinical trials and biopharma research as well as for remote patient monitoring.

Vault Health, meanwhile, began working with DoorDash early last year to have the company deliver its COVID-19 tests to people’s homes. The kits include the swabs and tubes necessary to gather a sample and ship it to a lab for results.