Tandem begins full U.S. rollout of diabetes management platform

Users of Tandem Diabetes Care’s insulin pumps now have a new way to monitor the pumps’ data and manage their equipment.

After being unveiled during the American Diabetes Association’s annual scientific sessions in June, the Tandem Source platform has now begun its full launch in the U.S., the company announced Tuesday, with an international rollout slated to kick off next year.

“The launch of Tandem Source offers new, easy-to-use reports and the consolidation of several platforms and features into a single, convenient location for all our customers’ needs,” Tandem CEO John Sheridan said in the announcement, adding that early feedback about the platform has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

Anyone in the U.S. who uses a Tandem pump—as well as their respective healthcare providers—will now have access to the Source platform. On the patient side, insulin dosage data will automatically transfer from the pump to the platform, by way of the t:connect mobile app, where it’ll be compiled into three reports for a doctor’s perusal.

Patients will also be able to use the platform to access new software updates for their pumps and to reorder supplies as needed.

Plus, in an interview with Fierce Medtech during the ADA conference earlier this year, Elizabeth Gasser, Tandem’s chief strategy officer, said that Source will play an even bigger role in simplifying diabetes management for patients and doctors—by ultimately fueling updates to the company’s automated insulin dosing algorithm.

“Once we’re doing this well, once we’re pulling data into the backend properly and in a very well-structured fashion, it becomes much easier for us at Tandem to use that to drive iteration on the algorithm,” Gasser said.

“We can run simulations; we can look at whether devices are performing well; we can look at outcomes across different groups of users,” she continued. “And then we can also use that data to have conversations with payers about our capacity to improve outcomes for their populations with our algorithms.”

Source’s wide-scale launch comes about a week after Tandem’s t:slim X2 pump and Control-IQ algorithm became the first to link up with Dexcom’s G7 continuous glucose monitor—though it lost some of that exclusivity the very next day as Dexcom tapped Beta Bionics as the G7 sensor’s second partner.

With that development, Tandem’s software can now take in blood sugar readings from a G7 CGM and analyze them to adjust an insulin pump’s output, creating what’s commonly referred to as an artificial pancreas, since it automates much of the typically manual work of diabetes management.

Meanwhile, Tandem is also in the process of integrating its pumps and algorithm with Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre CGMs; a connection there would make Tandem’s automated insulin delivery setup one of the first in the U.S. to be compatible with glucose sensors from multiple brands.