Smith & Nephew launches new negative pressure wound device in Europe

Smith & Nephew, a London-based medical device maker, has launched its new single-use negative pressure wound system in the European market.

Dubbed the Pico 7, the device provides better vacuum and leak management that can be applied on areas of the body where it can be difficult to achieve and keep a seal, the company said. The device features what Smith & Nephew touts as an industry first for such devices: an indicator that shows when the dressing is full, helping reduce unnecessary changes and waste.

Additionally, the Pico 7 system is 25% quieter than its predecessor, which the company said is especially important when a patient is using the system away from home or is sleeping. It also has a belt clip that makes it more portable.

The device has “revolutionized the use of negative pressure wound therapy, making a treatment previously only available in a hospital inpatient setting available to outpatients in a clinical and cost-effective portable solution," Paolo Di Vincenzo, a Smith & Nephew senior vice president, said in a statement.

The Pico 7 system can be used either in a hospital or at home and has been approved for several indications, including surgically closed incisions.