Roche picks up Prenosis' newly cleared sepsis AI tool for distribution

Following last week’s de novo clearance for the artificial intelligence program, Roche has stepped up to distribute Prenosis’ sepsis risk prediction tool through its diagnostic platforms.

The startup’s ImmunoScore software will be made available to hospital labs and emergency departments through Roche’s navify Algorithm Suite. The financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

The AI assessment aid works with electronic health records to digest 22 pieces of clinical information and biomarkers before assigning a patient to one of four risk levels linked to the possibility of developing sepsis complications. The system itself does not provide alerts but aims to give staff time to plan for a potentially longer hospital stay as well as a patient’s need for intensive care or ventilation.

Prenosis estimates that sepsis accounts for one-third of hospital fatalities in the U.S., with about 1.7 million adults developing the condition annually.

“The navify Algorithm Suite seeks to offer a collection of algorithms that have undergone clinical validation by an expert medical and cross-functional team at Roche,” Prenosis co-founder and CEO Bobby Reddy Jr., Ph.D., said in a statement. “With the extensive market reach of Roche Diagnostics and ethical standards for AI-driven solutions, more hospitals and healthcare providers can take advantage of ImmunoScore, and its clinical utility in the fight against sepsis, in a responsible way.”

Prenosis trained its AI program on data sets built on more than 100,000 blood samples gathered from over 25,000 patients at 10 U.S. health systems through its Immunix precision medicine approach.