Roche launches 2 lab management apps under its Viewics platform

The two cloud-based apps track lab volumes and physician ordering of diagnostic tests. (Roche)

Roche has launched new two software apps that aim to optimize the financial and clinical effectiveness of diagnostics laboratories and hospitals—its first under the Viewics cloud-based analytics platform that it acquired late last year.

The LabOPS program offers real-time monitoring of laboratory performance, with the goal of producing a data-driven continuous improvement process. It keeps track of metrics such as test volumes, turn-around-time, backlog and quality control, while alerting staff of possible issues in meeting service agreements.

It can also help administrators reduce waste and improve operational and financial processes, Roche said. LabOPS is available internationally in English, French, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

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The second program, Dx Optimization, is a customizable solution that focuses on streamlining institutional clinical decision-making.

With about 5% of tests coming back outside of normal ranges and requiring additional testing, according to Viewics, Dx Optimization allows for retrospective assessments of inappropriately ordered tests, which can raise costs and use up resources. It is available in English for the U.S. and Canada.

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“Digitalization of healthcare is enabling the easy flow of data between diagnostic instruments and devices, and the professionals who operate them,” said Christian Hebich, global head of solution integration & services.

The HIPAA-compliant Viewics platform integrates information from an array of health IT systems, extracting and cleaning data before being transmitted to a cloud-based analytics engine.