News of Note—Instagram shows prevalence of ‘off-label’ CGM placement

news of note

> A study presented at the American Association of Diabetes Educators meeting in Indianapolis showed that many people wear their continuous glucose monitors on a body part that is not FDA-approved. The researchers, led by Michelle Litchman of the University of Utah, studied social media posts to find out where patients were placing their sensors and found that nearly two-thirds of the 353 posts showed the sensor in an “off-label” location. Health Today story

> Some may wonder if the goal of artificial intelligence in medtech is to replace doctors. But physicians needn’t—and don’t—fear AI, wrote IBM Chief Health Officer Kyu Rhee in a blog post. IBM sees artificial intelligence solutions as tools to “streamline workflow” so doctors can spend more time with patients rather than combing through patient records, journal articles and clinical data. Blog post