Medtronic launches 7-day diabetes infusion tubing set in Europe

Medtronic has launched a new line of insulin infusion hardware in Europe that effectively doubles its lifespan, with sets capable of being worn for up to seven days at a time. 

Typically, people with diabetes must change out their infusion tubing about every three days, requiring more frequent insertions through the skin and interruptions in insulin therapy.

Compatible with the medtech giant’s MiniMed 600 and 700 series pumps, the extended infusion set includes improvements in the tubing’s material plus a redesigned connector, with the goals of reducing the loss of preservatives, preventing tube blockages and keeping the insulin chemically stable over time.

In addition, the set’s adhesive skin patch is designed to extend wear time and be comfortable over the course of a week. A study of more than 100 insulin pump users in Finland found many reported the new set to be more comfortable than their previous tubing, according to the company.

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Developed in partnership with ConvaTec's Unomedical, one of the world's largest producers of insulin infusion sets, the product will first be available in Finland and Belgium before rolling out to additional European countries over the course of this year. The extended set is currently being investigated in the U.S., but it has not been approved for distribution.

Late last year, Medtronic garnered an FDA green light for its Bluetooth-controlled insulin pump for adults and children with Type 1 diabetes as young as two years old. 

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The hybrid, closed-loop MiniMed 770G adjusts background insulin doses in response to an included glucose sensor, while also allowing a user, parent or caregiver to trigger additional insulin doses at mealtime using a smartphone.

The company also recently launched the connected insulin dosing pen that it acquired through its mid-2020 acquisition of Companion Medical. The FDA-cleared InPen is designed for people who take multiple injections of fast-acting insulin per day, with the ability to log doses automatically through an app.