Medtronic diabetes patient engagement program to offer game-based blood sugar tracking with rewards

Medtronic launched a new patient engagement program that aims to use game-design elements to encourage people with diabetes to better track their blood glucose levels for improved health outcomes.

The Inner Circle program focuses on helping patients spend more time in an optimal glycemic range of 70-180 mg/dL, by providing personalized challenges and achievements. It also includes a public forum for tracking progress and sharing management strategies.

“Diabetes is unrelenting, and we are committed to innovating in new ways—beyond technology—to provide inspiration, motivation and education to help people with diabetes on their journey to better health,” Medtronic’s Louis Dias, chief patient officer of its diabetes group, said in a statement.

Eligible patients will be invited to enroll once they begin using the MiniMed 670G insulin pump or the Guardian Connect continuous glucose monitoring system.

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Medtronic decided to begin the program following a patient survey that found 88% of MiniMed 670G users were interested in a program that could help them more effectively manage their diabetes by learning how to optimize their therapy.

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In one of the company’s investor day presentations in New York City earlier this summer, Hooman Hakami, executive VP and president of the diabetes group, described (PDF) how patients would be able to earn potentially redeemable points for the amount of time they spend in the optimal range.

Hakami said this gamification and tracking could offer clinical and economic benefits for health systems, and possibly provide opportunities for employers. In the future, Medtronic aims to offer real-time coaching alongside its personalized guidance.