Mayo Clinic, GE HealthCare launch tech-driven theranostic imaging collaboration

The Mayo Clinic is expanding its decade-plus ties with GE HealthCare, with a slate of new joint R&D projects that will explore the use of digital imaging and theranostics—with the goal of advancing the clinic’s research closer to the commercial market.

“We are at a critical time in healthcare—technology is rapidly evolving, and we have a responsibility to drive healthcare capabilities through clinical translation and adoption of advanced technologies,” Matthew Callstrom, M.D., Ph.D., the Mayo Clinic’s chair of radiology, said in a statement

“This collaboration brings our research and clinical teams’ expertise and feedback closer to product development and commercialization of innovation, ultimately accelerating the rate of translation of our research to patient care and offering greater opportunity for global impact,” Callstrom added.

That includes work in developing new MRI technologies and techniques, including through artificial intelligence-powered applications—as well as taking aim at cancer by enabling more precise tumor imaging and radiation therapy planning, plus the use of targeted theranostic agents and improving the efficiency of manufacturing radioactive isotopes.

In addition, the two hope to help streamline the process of conducting diagnostic and interventional ultrasound exams, by employing AI, automation and other digital programs aimed at providing more consistent care across different patients and clinicians.

All told, the collaboration based at Mayo’s Rochester, Minnesota, campus will span clinical research and product development across multiple radiological disciplines, including nuclear medicine, oncology, radiation oncology, cardiology, vascular care, neurology and urology.