Implantable device maker Med-Ally locating operations in South Carolina

Implantable devicemaker Med-Ally is locating is operations in Berkeley County, near Charleston, South Carolina.

Med-Ally, the maker of active medical devices like the VersaStim neuromodulation platform, said it is moving its operations to Goose Creek in Berkeley County near Charleston, South Carolina.

The company said $2.38 million is being invested in the site, which will be a 10,000-square-foot manufacturing operation. It will contain an ISO Class 6 Clean Room that makes up about half of the operating space.

When completed by the second half of this year, the facility is expected to create about 90 new jobs.

“We believe that we are surrounding ourselves with an enabling, empowering and conducive team like no other,” Raja Edward Hitti, Med-Ally’s chief executive, said in a statement. “We look forward to growing and prospering in Berkeley County amidst its wonderful constituency and leadership team.”

The VersaStim technology was designed to treats patients with movement disorders, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain and traumatic brain injuries. The device is available in external and implantable systems to maximize therapy effectiveness and improve patient outcomes.