Genome Medical expands its telegenetics work into personalized care coordination

Telegenomics firm Genome Medical has launched a new remote platform designed to help patients undergoing genetic testing continue on to treatment by navigating specialty care pathways.

The platform builds on the company’s previous work focused on connecting hospitals, health systems and employers with genetic counseling expertise to bridge the last-mile gap between a patient’s access to genetic testing and making sure they fully understand and make use of the results.

Starting in oncology and reproductive health, the company’s Genome Care Delivery program facilitates virtual visits with genetic experts and provider-to-provider consults, as well as wellness assessments and population health screenings. It’s designed to guide users to relevant and appropriate care and provide recommendations regarding genetic testing.

"Genome Care Delivery offers end-to-end services and support for every step of the genomic care journey, including efficient integration with clinician workflows to guide health care decisions and improve outcomes," Genome Medical co-founder and CEO Lisa Alderson said in a statement.

It also includes educational content for both patients and physicians, as well as personalized action plans based on test results and medical guidelines. The company then collaborates with primary care physicians and specialists to help inform clinical decisions and coordinate care.

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Genome Medical also announced a partnership with the Shriners Hospitals for Children health system, which is based in Florida, to provide pediatric patients and their families genetic counseling services.

Shriners will offer next-generation genetic sequencing at its 22 hospitals and outpatient locations in North America—along with the establishment of a genomics institute in Tampa—as well as through its international outreach clinics. Patients and caregivers will then be connected by Genome Medical to receive support and clinical guidance.

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This can include virtual genetic counseling, setting up confirmatory tests for patients and family members, and coordinating referrals to specialists for follow-on care, the company said.

"Through sophisticated, next-generation sequencing of DNA samples from our patient population, Shriners Hospitals hopes to gain the understanding needed to create more targeted, efficient and personalized treatments and therapies," said Marc Lalande, vice president of research programs at Shriners.