GE Healthcare debuts pocket-size, wireless ultrasound

GE Healthcare launched a new handheld, wireless ultrasound device, capable of scanning anywhere within the body and small enough to be carried around in a clinician’s pocket.

The Vscan Air is an addition to the company’s family of portable ultrasound systems which first launched in 2010. The device connects with the user’s own smartphone, and includes a two-sided design—when flipped over, it can be used for both shallow and deep tissue without switching probes during exams.

“Now more than ever, clinicians need smaller and smarter tools that increase access and efficiency both in and outside of the four walls of the hospital,” with ultrasound becoming an essential point-of-care tool, said Anders Wold, president and CEO of GE Healthcare’s global ultrasound division. 

The Vscan Air two-sided probe (GE)

According to the company, heart and lung ultrasounds have been shown to be as helpful as X-ray and CT scans when treating patients with COVID-19, while being faster and more efficient, especially when it comes to disinfecting equipment.

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The Vscan Air system is built to withstand cleaning procedures, as well as water exposure, drops and extreme temperatures, the company said. In addition, patient data and images are transmitted within the provider’s network, and anonymized images can be shared with patients directly after a scan.

Late last year, GE Healthcare secured an FDA clearance for its artificial intelligence-powered ultrasound system for echocardiograms. The software automatically detects points in a 2D image used to measure the size of the heart’s left ventricle, to help diagnose heart failure and cardiovascular disease. The system also semi-automatically measures blood flow and velocity within the body.