Everlywell's home COVID-19 testing kit goes direct-to-consumer

Everlywell’s home testing kit for COVID-19—first authorized by the FDA last year, for use with a doctor’s prescription—will now be available for sale directly to the consumer, through online orders or retail store shelves.

The home collection kit, including a nasal swab and packaging materials for shipping the sample to a lab, can be ordered by an adult regardless of whether a person is showing symptoms, and can also be purchased in bulk if needed.

“One year into this pandemic, America continues to break records for COVID-19 cases and deaths,” Everlywell founder and CEO Julia Cheek said. “Widespread testing for COVID-19 has never been more critical.” 

“With new studies showing that over half of COVID-19 cases are spread by asymptomatic carriers, we need widespread, convenient, high-quality testing capable of diagnosing COVID-19 in asymptomatic individuals to prevent further catastrophic loss of life as we begin the long process of getting America vaccinated,” Cheek said.

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The expansion of the test kit’s reach, through a new FDA authorization, comes shortly after Everlywell raised $175 million from investors to help broaden the company’s footprint in retail stores, as well as build out its telehealth platform aimed at chronic conditions beyond COVID-19.

Individual coronavirus kit samples are processed using molecular-based PCR tests; for mass testing of 100 people or more, Everlywell offers organizations the use of its digital platform to help manage the use of both PCR and rapid, antigen-based diagnostics and to report results.