Abbott, Sanofi to interconnect their diabetes monitoring, insulin delivery tech

Abbott FreeStyle Libre US
A new collaboration will begin with gathering user consent to connect Abbott’s wearable FreeStyle Libre wearable sensor (above) with Sanofi’s connected insulin pens and software currently under development. (Abbott)

Two of the world’s largest companies in the diabetes space, Abbott and Sanofi, are partnering up to develop tools that integrate their respective blood sugar tracking and insulin delivery technologies.

The end goal is to create a “connected device experience” for people managing their diabetes, according to the two companies, through new smart insulin pens, smartphone apps for titration and cloud-based software analytics.

The nonexclusive collaboration will aim to combine Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring system with Sanofi’s background in insulin dosing, into new, compatible devices being developed for regulatory approval within the coming years.


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“Diabetes can be overwhelming as it is an information-rich condition with various streams of data from multiple devices,” Abbott Diabetes Care’s senior vice president Jared Watkin said in a statement.

“Building a digital ecosystem around FreeStyle Libre simplifies the user experience by consolidating how people get their data—both through offering Abbott′s digital health tools and by working with other diabetes and technology leaders,” Watkin added.

The project will begin with gathering user consent to digitally connect and share data between Abbott’s wearable blood sugar sensor and mobile app with Sanofi’s connected insulin pens and software, currently under development.

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"By partnering with Abbott, we are a step closer to realizing our connected ecosystem, which would help improve control and the quality of life decision cycle for patients through individualized glycemic management of diabetes,” said Gustavo Pesquin, senior VP of Sanofi’s global diabetes and cardiovascular franchise.

Previously, Sanofi helped launch the virtual diabetes clinic Onduo through its joint venture with Verily. It aims to provide connected monitoring devices alongside personalized coaching and advice through a digital platform.

The Big Pharma has also been working with Verily and Sensile Medical to develop an all-in-one insulin patch and pump for patients with Type 2 diabetes. Meanwhile, Abbott has been working to make its FreeStyle Libre platform compatible with Novo Nordisk’s similarly connected delivery systems.

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