Cesca Therapeutics announces commercial launch of its AXP II blood system

red blood cells
Cesca Therapeutics announces the commercial launch of its AXP II blood system.

Cesca Therapeutics, which specializes in regenerative medicine and offers a range of automated technologies for cell-based therapeutics, has announced the commercial launch of its AXP II system.

The AXP II, which was developed by Cesca’s device division ThermoGenesis, is designed to collect, isolate and store hematopoietic stem cell concentrates from cord blood and peripheral blood.

“Our first generation AXP system consistently achieves stem cell recovery rates in excess of 97%, the highest in the industry,” Chris Xu, Cesca’s chief executive, said in a statement. “With AXP II, we are introducing important enhancements to the AXP device, docking station, and proprietary XpressTRAK software that together represent the biggest advancement in automated cord blood processing in many years.”


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The company, which went public late last year, acquired SynGen in a deal announced in July that gave Cesca SynGen’s cell processing platform technology. 

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