Cerner partners with Holon to help automate clinical decision-making and identify gaps in care

Holon’s CollaborNet platform observes providers' activity and displays relevant information linked to patients—alongside their digital charts—without interrupting their work. (Rostislav_Sedlacek/Getty Images)

Health IT provider Cerner Corporation has tapped Holon Solutions to help it deliver contextually relevant patient information through its cloud-based population health platform.

Cerner’s HealtheIntent offering amasses data from multiple sources—including different electronic health record systems as well as insurance claims and pharmacy records—to help provide a longitudinal record of a patient’s care and identify gaps at both the personal level and in wider populations. 

Holon, meanwhile, works to quickly provide clinicians with a person’s relevant healthcare information during the patient visit, including data from sources outside their immediate electronic record. The company’s software also aims to efficiently fill the gaps in a person’s care history by prompting the provider while the patient is still in the room.

“Holon’s advanced capabilities will help us automatically bring providers relevant information, insights and critical health data to help them guide patient care in a timely manner,” said Ray Herschman, Cerner’s vice president and general manager of its health network and risk solutions. The financial terms of the collaboration were not disclosed.

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Holon’s CollaborNet platform also observes providers' activity and displays relevant information linked to patients, alongside their digital charts, without interrupting their work.

“Delivering critical knowledge at the point of need is the foundation of Holon’s mission in the market,” said Holon CEO Jon Zimmerman. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Cerner to ensure the valuable information generated reaches providers when and where they need it—with no effort on the provider’s part—as a huge step toward better quality care, provider experience, business performance, and improving outcomes.”