Canon Medical expands reach of its MRI artificial intelligence programs

Canon Medical is expanding the clinical reach of its artificial intelligence programs designed to improve MRI image quality, saying it can now be used in 96% of all scanning procedures.

The company’s Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine, or AiCE, aims to sharpen scans taken by lower-dose, 1.5 Tesla MRIs, to bring their image quality up to par with 3.0 Tesla machines.

The system was previously cleared by the FDA for certain brain- and knee-focused indications, using Canon Medical’s Vantage Orian 1.5 Tesla system. Now its applications span all joints, as well as cardiac, abdomen, spine and pelvic scans. 

“In today’s environment, making images easy to read and acquire is more important than ever, and this is the latest demonstration of our commitment to offering accessible AI that clinicians can use to make the greatest impact on patient care,” said Jonathan Furuyama, managing director of Canon Medical’s MR business unit.

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The expansion follows two recent FDA clearances for Canon Medical in December and January, including an AI-equipped, large-bore CT scanner and software designed to boost 3D MRI imaging times.

The company’s Speeder software, also for its Vantage Orian 1.5 Tesla system, was cleared to help accelerate surgical planning and orthopedic applications by reconstructing full resolution images from under-sampled data. This allows technicians to perform a scan at least twice as fast, the company said. The software also includes an application to help clinicians quantify fatty liver disease.

The company’s Aquilion Exceed large-bore CT system, meanwhile, uses AiCE technology to provide more distinct images with an opening nearly one meter wide, with an extended field-of-view of 90 centimeters.