Bayer reinvests in digital health maven One Drop, with $98M in commitments

Bayer has re-upped its partnership with the digital health provider One Drop, with new financial backing and future commitments totaling $98.7 million.

The German drugmaker led One Drop’s $34.7 million series C round and signed on to another $64 million linked to development fees and commercial milestone payments—as the pair look to build personalized care programs and digitally connected products for people with diabetes and other chronic conditions.

One Drop’s programs are currently aimed at managing diabetes and prediabetes, as well as recent expansions to high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Last year, Bayer led the company’s $40 million series B round, and licensed its modular technology for similar efforts in other areas, such as cancer care, heart disease and women’s health.

"Building new digital business models is a key element of our business strategy with the ambition to actively shape the future of healthcare," said Jeanne Kehren, head of digital and commercial innovation at Bayer. 

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"We are convinced that a data-driven approach will empower patients to drive better outcomes for themselves and will bring back the person, not the disease, as the point of focus,” Kehren said. “The new collaboration with One Drop allows Bayer to further accelerate its evolution towards a digital health business and paves the way for new integrated care patient service offerings."

Earlier this month, One Drop launched a new digital membership program that provides each participant with a personalized health plan—including educational resources, coaching and interactive programs—toward achieving goals in glucose levels, blood pressure, weight or physical activity.

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"By taking our data-driven approach to diabetes management and expanding into other therapeutic areas for the consumer market, we're able to impact millions more people living with chronic conditions and help them reach their full potential, right from their mobile phones," One Drop CEO Jeff Dachis said.