AI Mail: Medtronic stamps healthcare data partnership with France's La Poste

Medtronic has teamed up with the French postal service for a data partnership that aims to build an artificial intelligence-powered platform in support of a range of digital telehealth services.

La Poste—which also provides banking and insurance services, in addition to mail delivery—has outlined plans this year to expand further into healthcare, and use its large network of locations across France and the globe to set the stage for offering transport and logistics for physical medical equipment, as well as the management of electronic patient records.

“At a time when the La Poste Group, as an independent and ethical party, unveils its ambition in the healthcare sector, the announcement of this strategic partnership with Medtronic, a major player in healthcare technology, is the first milestone of our commitment to accelerating innovation in healthcare by leveraging data and AI to optimize care journeys,” Dominique Pon, CEO of La Poste’s health and autonomy division, said in a statement.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, La Poste delivered screening tests, masks, medicines and home care, while also hosting digital monitoring programs, The company also provided a 300 million euro package of zero-interest loans to hospitals and local authorities through La Banque Postale.

Medtronic’s Integrated Health Solutions outfit, meanwhile, typically works with international hospitals to offer remote patient monitoring, as well as manage procedure efficiency in cardiovascular catheter laboratories and operating rooms through digitalization projects.

“We are looking forward to bringing our proven medical experience, the strength of cutting-edge technologies, and our expertise in optimizing patient journeys to join forces with La Poste in this strategic partnership,” said Medtronic’s Integrated Health Solutions VP, Frédéric Noel. “Together, we aim to support healthcare stakeholders in a digital transformation that brings sustainable value and places the patient at the heart of every innovation.”

Last year Medtronic announced plans to spin out its remote patient monitoring arm, alongside its respiratory division. The new enterprise will shepherd the medtech giant’s Puritan Bennett brand of ventilators, as well as connected bedside monitors, pulse oximetry sensors and anesthesia hardware, in addition to its IT services and telehealth platforms. Recent reports have named the Carlyle Group as a potential bidder for the assets, in what could amount to a $7 billion deal.