Adherium launches over-the-counter digital asthma inhaler add-on and app in the U.S.

adherium app
Late last month, the FDA cleared the sensor for use with ProAir, Ventolin and Flovent asthma inhalers, adding to last year's Symbicort clearance. (Adherium)

Adherium officially launched its digital inhaler add-on in the U.S., following a recent 510(k) clearance allowing it to sell the devices directly to consumers.

The Hailie platform’s attachable sensors and paired smartphone app assist asthma and COPD patients by tracking inhaler use and providing medication reminders. Previously branded as the Smartinhaler, Adherium has already sold more than 130,000 sensors worldwide, the company said.

“Hailie is the culmination of 15 years of accelerating research and development and is focused on the premise that if we are to turn the corner on treating chronic conditions, we have to make managing them second nature,” said Adherium CEO Arik Anderson.

The FDA previously granted a clearance last September for the sensor’s use with AstraZeneca’s Symbicort aerosol inhalers, to improve medication adherence. Over the counter sales were granted a separate clearance in March—and late last month, the FDA cleared the Hailie sensor for use with Teva’s ProAir and GlaxoSmithKline’s Ventolin and Flovent asthma inhalers.

The company also launched an online portal for healthcare professionals and clinicians to access patient-group data collected from Hailie sensors, enabling sharing and monitoring of inhaler usage.

“Adherium’s focus on making disease management fit more easily in patients’ lives is a valuable contribution,” said Vitalus Health CEO K. Cody Patel. “Adherence technology that fits naturally within a physician’s practice makes care seamless; it fosters a better understanding for patients, meeting a tremendous need.”

Adherium and Vitalus, a provider of pulmonary disease management solutions based in Houston, launched a program in May on World Asthma Day to promote use of the digital inhalers.