We're looking for the 15 fiercest device developers

We're expanding our yearly franchise report, the Fierce 15, and bringing it to the world of devices. FierceMedicalDevices actively seeks your nominations and our report will be published in early October.

We'll profile the 15 fiercest private device developers for our readers (check out FierceBiotech's 2011 Fierce 15 report)Do you know of private device developers with savvy execs and promising technologies or platforms that deserve to be on the list? Please fill out the simple survey and nomination form we've created here. In years past, we've been pleased to see a number of our Fierce 15 companies go on to IPOs, buyout deals, blockbuster partnerships and big venture rounds. Our goal is for the FMD Fierce 15 to follow that trail.

There are several decisive factors in making the list: Venture backing can be crucial. So is the potential impact of their technology. If the developer has already inked a few partnerships, that would help. And the quality of the executive team, their level of experience and scientific know-how, are also telling factors.

Aside from that, we don't much care where the developer is based, since this is fundamentally a global industry. Liz Hollis and Mark Hollmer will be setting deadlines and providing updates in this space in the coming weeks. -- Arsalan Arif, Publisher (Twitter) | (LinkedIn)

PS: If you missed our note Friday, we're expanding FierceMedicalDevices by moving it to a daily publication schedule. And we've overhauled the website. Check it out and let me know what you think. -- Arsalan Arif

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