Terumo buys into Turkey's blood collection market

Terumo is expanding its presence in Turkey with the acquisition of a distributor of blood bank-related medical equipment.

The deal is through one of the many divisions of the Japanese medical device and equipment conglomerate. In short, Terumo BCT is snatching up GADA Turkey, a distributor of blood-related med tech that has already worked with Terumo since 2009. GADA Turkey itself is a former subsidiary of U.K.-based GADA Group, a supplier of med tech devices, equipment and related services. Each side declined to disclose financial details.

Terumo BCT focuses on technologies involved, in part, on whole blood processing, cell processing, and therapeutic aphaeresis, where blood is taken from a donor's body, components such as plasma or white blood cells are taken out, and the remaining blood is transfused back into the donor. In buying GADA Turkey, Terumo gains access to an operation with broad connections to Turkish blood banks, plus a way to broaden the adoption of its next-generation blood transfusion technology, the company said in the deal announcement.

"With this acquisition we will expand our presence in Turkey and the success we have had with our automated collection and therapeutic aphaeresis products," Vincent Gaspar, Terumo BCT senior vice president and general manager, said in a statement. He added that Terumo will also use the deal to introduce blood safety and whole blood automation products to the Turkish market.

Terumo has also invested in the expansion of its blood transfusion technologies in other ways. Over the summer, the company announced it would hire 416 people in Northern Ireland to boost the capacities of an R&D facility it has there focused on the space. The company has also pursued a steady expansion of its cardiovascular device offerings plus diversification, signing a deal with BSD Medical for the global distribution of its tumor ablation devices.

Terumo said its deal to buy GADA Turkey will close in its fourth quarter, pending shareholder approval. GADA Turkey will become a subsidiary of Terumo BCT Europe.

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