Takeda teams up with Koneksa to integrate remote data capture into clinical trials

Takeda is enlisting data integration player Koneksa Health on a scheme to bring new digital health tools to its clinical trials. The partnership will see Takeda using Koneksa’s remote data collection capabilities in trials for multiple pipeline candidates.

The goal of the tie-up is to develop “digital biomarkers” that could support decision-making and eventually contribute to new endpoints that will improve the assessment of patients in their natural environment, according to a statement.

The Japanese pharma will use Koneksa’s platform to integrate biosensors and wearables in a number of early-stage clinical trials, according to the statement. The technology facilitates the collection of patient-generated data that were previously tricky to obtain, such as patients’ continuous vital signs, activity levels and sleep metrics, Takeda said.

“Working with Koneksa enables us to take advantage of technologies and expertise that provide access to novel data streams and make our clinical trials more patient-centric,” said Elena Izmailova, senior director of novel data streams and devices at Takeda, in the statement. “Koneksa’s end-to-end solution allows us to collect this data in our studies using Koneksa’s sensors and devices.”

“Wearable technology and remote, electronic patient data capture are valuable tools for fortifying research with a sound foundational framework,” the companies said. And while there is a slew of apps, mobile apps and clinical in-home devices that remotely collect patient data, the integration of these data for caregivers and researchers is a work in progress. Aside from Koneksa, Validic has embarked on multiple partnerships to work on data integration. And last month, the digital health company teamed up with Sutter Health to investigate how best to deliver patient-generated data for clinicians and researchers.