SuperSonic raises $45M for imaging tech

With the help of a syndicate of investors, France-based SuperSonic Imagine has raised $45.3 million (€34 million) in a Series C round of financing. New investors Canon, InnoBio and Mérieux Développement led the round, contributing a third of the company's total haul.

SuperSonic, an imaging company, is developing an ultrasound called the Aixplorer, which uses the company's MultiWave technology to detect, characterize and eventually treat non-palpable masses. The developer recently completed a 1,000-person trial using the Aixplorer to study breast tissue, and now plans to explore the technology for liver, thyroid, abdominal, musculoskeletal, gynecological and prostate imaging.

"We originally set out to raise €25 million and it was a great satisfaction to see this round oversubscribed to bring a total amount of €34.5 million," noted CEO Jacques Souquet in a statement. "These funds transform the financial situation of SuperSonic Imagine and give us the means to accelerate our R&D and to penetrate key commercial markets."

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