Study: Medtronic insulin pump bests injections

A post-marketing study presented at the annual American Diabetes Association found that Medtronic's pump and monitoring device controlled blood glucose levels better than multiple daily injections in 485 patients with Type 1 diabetes. The study was sponsored by Medtronic.

The study, which included both adults and pediatric patients, found that Medtronic's insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring device experienced lower levels of A1C, a measure of blood sugar. A1C was four times higher in those taking multiple daily insulin injections. Better control of A1C levels helps minimize long-term Type 1 Diabetes complications, which included problems with they eyes, kidneys and heart, according to Reuters.

"What we've been able to show is that by combining this technology, you can lower the A1C, which reduces your risk of complications, and you can do it safely without increasing your rate of hypoglycemia," study author Dr. Richard Bergenstal told Reuters. The study, he added, suggests that patients whose blood sugar levels aren't well-controlled on injections should switch to Medtronic's pump and monitoring device. While the study should give the devicemaker's diabetes system a boost, analysts say selecting and training patients to use the technology will stand in the way of wider continuous glucose monitoring adoption.

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