Study: Diabetes patients use WellDoc app to share, analyze diabetes data

BlueStar app--Courtesy of Welldoc

WellDoc has released results from a study that aimed to evaluate the feasibility and reach of using a lay coach along with the BlueStar mobile app for those with Type 2 diabetes. The study found a large percentage of participants were engaged with the app, and many sent data generated from the app to their care team.

WellDoc has also recently partnered with Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ). J&J's diabetes care company LifeScan will integrate the app with its latest blood glucose monitor.

The BlueStar mobile app is described in the announcement as "mobile prescription therapy." The app can be downloaded for free, but does require a prescription to gain access to it.

Once a patient has created an account and logged in, they have access to health management tools, professional guidance and actionable information generated from the data you provide within the app, i.e., blood glucose level measurements.

The app can also be used to send reports to a care team. This could offer a look at extended data that the team normally wouldn't have. Information gathered from the app could also help enhance patients' conversations with lay coaches, as it did in the BlueStar study.

The study--which was released at the American Diabetes Association's 76th Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, LA--was carried out by WellDoc along with Vanguard Medical Group and Peers for Progress. Within the study, lay coaches were available over the phone to provide support while the BlueStar app offered real-time guidance.

"This feasibility study showed their integration is practical and well accepted by patients and clinical teams alike in a real-world primary care practice setting," said Edwin Fisher, global director of Peers for Progress, in an announcement.

The announcement noted that within the study, 70% of participants had sustained, active engagement with the program and 78% passed along analyzed reports from the BlueStar program to care providers.

- here's the press release