Stryker analyzes joint replacement data to please CMS

Stryker Performance Solutions (SPS) has released its Episode Performance Manager (EPM) tool to help reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction 90 days after joint replacement surgery. The tool takes raw claims data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and produces reports with the aim of helping people make better decisions based on cost-drivers, potential areas of improvement and performance comparisons of hospitals within Medicare’s Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model.

The CJR model took effect April 1. The model pays hospitals for hip and knee replacements based on patient outcomes. This effort is one of the first efforts toward the implementation of value-based healthcare in the U.S.

"Success in the evolving alternative payment landscape hinges on the ability to not only understand Medicare claims data, but also to derive value from that data, by using it to inform and implement improvement strategies for the joint episode of care," said Stuart Simpson, VP and GM of Stryker's reconstructive division, in a statement.  "Now that providers are held accountable for the cost of care throughout the entire episode, analytics must also provide increased visibility into post-discharge patterns and effectiveness."

Access to EPM will begin on July 25 for hospitals that partner with SPS for Episode Analytics.

Stryker’s ($SYK) aim in working with hospitals and physicians is to improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and profitability through “a meaningful, risk-sharing partnership.”

- here is the release

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