StatRad restructures to boost cloud-based teleradiology offerings

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Imaging management company StatRad seeks to amplify its teleradiology offerings and introduce a new brand of cloud-based image streaming technology.

Imaging management company StatRad is creating a new parent company, NucleusHealth, in order to amplify its teleradiology offerings and introduce a new brand of cloud-based image streaming technology.

The San Diego-based company snagged a $13 million equity investment in August this year to drive the development of its cloud-based platform to securely view, share and store medical images. Its technology may be used after hours, which improves patient outcomes and lowers costs. The web-based RadConnect platform cuts down on duplicate imaging and examinations as it provides physicians and health systems with a secure way to share radiology images and reports.

“Diagnostic medical imaging has a significant role in monitoring, treatment and outcomes in today’s health care ecosystem; however, current image management systems can be problematic for caregivers, hospital administrators and their patients because they often limit access to those who need images for patient care,” said CEO Dr. Vishal Verma in a statement. “These systems can require sizeable data centers that are costly to maintain and support, and they usually dictate which technologies to buy and use, which then become obsolete shortly after purchase and implementation.”

NucleusHealth will license StatRad’s products and services and expand them under the brand, according to the statement. This includes developing them into software-as-a-service offerings and a web-scale platform as a service. The aim of the new company is to bring cloud and streaming capabilities to medical imaging providers to accelerate patient care and keep data-management costs under control, according to the statement.

“Launching allows us to have two independent but solidly connected and laser-focused business units under NucleusHealth to help us fulfill our mission,” said Claude Hooton, NucleusHealth president and chief operating officer, in the statement. “We are well on our way to revolutionizing the practice of ingesting, delivering, viewing, managing, storing and interpreting medical images.”