Spirox's Latera nasal implant racks up positive results

Spirox is touting results from a study of its Latera absorbable nasal implant, a device designed to fight nasal valve collapse and obstruction.

Latera is an absorbable polymer implant that supports the nasal cartilage and is placed by a surgeon.

The study showed that, over the course of a year, patients showed significant improvement in their quality of life, including less nasal blockage or obstruction, less trouble breathing and better sleep. Symptoms were relieved by more than 50% in a year with the device.

“Nasal valve collapse has historically been underdiagnosed, as the limited number of options that physicians have to support the lateral cartilage are generally invasive and have the potential to permanently alter appearance,” study author Marion San Nicoló said. “I am excited that we now have a minimally invasive technology that enables us to effectively and safely support patients’ lateral cartilage and help improve their breathing. Many of my patients felt immediate relief from the implant and no patients had negative cosmetic changes.”

In April last year, Spirox picked up $18.5 million to support development of the device, which is still up for U.S. marketing authorization.