Siemens joins with Pfizer for companion diagnostic projects; Dx outfit Lineagen pulls in $3.5M Series C;

> Myriad ($MYGN) must deal with investors spooked about continued reports that CMS reimbursement for its signature BRACAnalysis test will decline. Story

> Salt Lake City-based Lineagen has raised a $3.5 million Series C, even as the molecular diagnostics outfit said it is on track to become profitable by the first half of 2014. Item

> Rheonix, an Ithaca, NY-based molecular diagnostics company, has raised $14 million through a debt and equity private placement. Story (reg. req.)

> Siemens ($SI) will concoct diagnostic tests for some Pfizer ($PFE) drugs, the German conglomerate has disclosed. Story

> The health minister in the Netherlands has approved trials for a DNA blood test to check whether a fetus has Down syndrome. Story

> Vermillion ($VRML), a women's health-focused molecular diagnostics company based in Texas, has brought on a new chief commercial officer. Item

> Veracyte ($VCYT), the newly public molecular diagnostics company and 2013 FierceMedicalDevices Fierce 15 winner, obtained Cigna coverage for its Afirma Gene Expression Classifier, a test meant to help patients avoid unnecessary surgery as part of a thyroid cancer diagnosis. Item

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