Sen. Brown visits Covidien, lobbies against device tax

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) is continuing his campaign against the medical device excise tax, bringing his message to Covidien employees last week as part of his jobs tour.

"The medical technology sector is an engine that helps to drive our state's economy and holds tremendous potential for job growth. As a co-chair of the Senate Med-Tech Caucus, I am focused on policies that will allow medical technology companies to flourish in Massachusetts," Brown said in a release. 

Brown has filed a bill to repeal the tax, which has been co-sponsored by Sens. Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Pat Toomey (R-PA). "It's a wet blanket over the industry," Brown said, as quoted by The Sun Chronicle. "Taxes are a job killer. We have to create a climate of predictability and stability. That is what will produce jobs."

Covidien recently started cost-cutting restructuring that could include layoffs. Company spokeswoman Lisa Clemence said it was "too early to tell" if the firm would move jobs overseas. It is estimated that Covidien would have to pay $100 million a year as a result of the tax.

"The last thing we want is loss of jobs," Clemence said.

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