Seeking biomarkers in the 'salivaome'; Probe technology selected for European biomarker project;

> Collecting saliva is as simple as spitting into a pot, and an international research team is looking to use saliva biomarkers to create completely noninvasive diagnostic tests for a range of oral and systemic diseases. Press release | Article

> Probe Scientific's MicroEye in vivo sampling technology has been selected to be used in a major new European biomarker research project; the €5.2 million ($6.7 million) project will develop MicroEye for monitoring the efficacy of immunosuppressant drugs to prevent rejection post transplantation. Press release

> Isolated cancer cells could help select the best treatment in prostate cancer. Press release | Abstract

> Gene variants for breast density could influence breast cancer risk. Press release

> Ariosa Diagnostics has launched its Harmony Prenatal Test in the U.K., which screens for fetal trisomies using cell-free DNA in maternal blood. Press release

And Finally… Placebo responses could be in your genes. Researchers have identified genetic markers for the placebo response in irritable bowel syndrome. Abstract | Press release