Sanofi launches blood glucose monitoring system; FDA gives Ethicon Endo-Surgery good news on surgical set;

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> Sanofi ($SNY) has launched U.S. sales for its iBGStar blood glucose monitoring system, which connects directly to the iPhone and iPod touch. Release

> The FDA has granted de novo clearance to Ethicon Endo-Surgery's percutaneous surgical set. The surgical instruments can be assembled and disassembled inside the body during surgery. Item

> SRS Medical, a maker of devices that help diagnose voiding disorders, has named Lee Brody, most recently the company's chief operating officer, its new CEO. Release

> Invuity, maker of the Eigr device designed to boost visualization and tissue retraction during breast surgery, will present the device at the American Society of Breast Surgeons' Annual meeting in Phoenix on May 2-6. Release

> A new report predicts that MEMS technologies, MRI compliant components, advanced imaging techniques and plastic electronics will factor into the future of atrial fibrillation catheter tech development. Release

Biotech News

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> University of California San Francisco Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann (photo), a former head of development at Genentech, foresees a more dynamic approach to advancing products and other major shifts in healthcare. Interview

> Swedish drug company Meda has won FDA approval for its new allergy med Dymista. Release

> A Duke University-led study of more than 40,000 drug and device trials found that most of the studies lacked adequate size and quality. Article

Pharma News

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> Hedge fund claims Savient's bankrupt after failed Krystexxa launch. Item

> Novartis digs into safety data in Avastin-vs.-Lucentis study. Story

> IOM takes FDA to task on post-marketing safety. More

> Men flock to testosterone meds from Abbott, Lilly. News

Biomarkers News

> Scans for autism gene groups could open door to genetic biomarkers. More

> Pancreatic cancer protein biomarker could predict outcomes. Item

> Epigenetics signal possible breast cancer blood test. Story

> Weight loss cuts inflammation, cancer markers. Article

Drug Delivery News

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> Swedish discovery could be key to better transdermal delivery. Article

> Researchers develop 'smart' nanostructures for drug delivery. Story

> Genericsmaker banking on novel delivery to raise funds. Item

> Aptar launches new inhaler with eye on emerging markets. News

And Finally... Western companies eyeing China face increased risks now that the government there is planning to investigate drug-procurement and medical-device tendering. Story