Roche purchases BioImagene for approx. $100M

Under the banner of Ventana Medical Systems, Roche has purchased BioImagene, a leader in digital pathology workflow and analysis. The deal, worth approximately $100 million, helps Roche's medical device division specialize and adapt in the increasingly competitive cancer-detection industry.

"With its leadership position in pathology and its global reach, Ventana is the ideal partner for BioImagene," says Ajit Singh, CEO of BioImagene, in a statement. "Ventana is already a leader in image analysis for breast cancer applications and has a wide range of market-leading diagnostics products used in hospitals and laboratories worldwide. In turn, BioImagene brings to Ventana additional capabilities for scanning and analysing tissue that are not possible in the glass-slide world."

BioImagene, privately held and based in Sunnyvale, CA, creates digital images of microscopic slides and the computer software to analyse them--thereby cutting down on the time and costs associated with diagnosing cancer.

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