Researcher gets NIH grants to fund hunt for systemic sclerosis biomarkers; Multiplexing is pushing forward biomarker research;

> Benign nevi can become malignant melanomas in the eye, but researchers in Spain have found a potential biomarker. Abstract

> TGFBR1 has the potential to predict prognosis after acute MI. Abstract

> Baseline features are markers for juvenile arthritis drug response. More

> Boston University School of Medicine researcher gets NIH grants to fund hunt for systemic sclerosis biomarkers. Press release

> N-glycan biomarker can identify nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Abstract

> Dog blood infection test could lead to human sepsis biomarker. Press release

> Crescendo Bioscience developing autoimmune disease biomarkers. Article

> MMP-2 emerges as potential biomarker for reperfusion injury after PCI. Editorial

> Huntington's disease biomarker study finds outcome measures. Abstract

> STK1 could be a potential biomarker for health screening for cancers. Abstract

And Finally... Multiplexing is pushing forward biomarker research, according to article in GEN. News

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