Philips, Pegasystems partner to boost device and wearable connectivity

Jeroen Tas

Royal Philips ($PHG) and Pegasystems ($PEGA) have partnered with the aim of helping managed care service providers and accountable care organizations better leverage health data and connected devices.

The Pega Care Management Application paired with the Philips HealthSuite Cloud platform will enable caregivers to immediately address a patient's current health status with remotely managed care through connected health applications. This technology will help care managers and insurers increase care quality, decrease hospital readmissions and lower costs, according to the press release.

"We're entering a new paradigm in healthcare, one in which devices and wearables can help care teams extend their services well beyond the doctor's office," said Pegasystems Founder and CEO Alan Trefler in a statement.

Philips and Pegasystems will display the tech at the Pegaworld conference, which started Monday in Las Vegas, NV. The two will use evidence-based chronic care guidelines and the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard to demo their first integrated care concepts, the press release explained.

The Philips HealthSuite digital platform was put on display this past January during the Consumer Electronics Show. The cloud-enabled platform works with apps and other wearable technology to offer insights on health information such as a baby's development. Other connected health products offer use cases such as helping seniors with acute conditions be more independent, or helping a patient with a heart condition self-monitor oxygen levels via a wearable device.

This partnership now brings the Pega Care Management Application to the Philips Cloud. The application alone helps healthcare providers and insurers manage and coordinate care across teams. Adding this app into the Philips Cloud will then offer "connectivity to millions of connected health devices, integration with hospital EMR and clinical systems, advanced predictive analytics, and secured cloud storage and sharing of longitudinal patient data," the partners explained.

The tech is expected to be generally available later this year.

"The collaboration of Philips and Pega is a next step to deliver successful and efficient population health management to unify the silos of personal health and clinical data so every member of a person's health care team can take advantage of data in the context of the patient's broader health," said Jeroen Tas, CEO of connected care and health informatics at Philips.

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