Pfizer, marketing partner pay MA fine for ad overstating EpiPen's benefits

The Massachusetts Attorney General's Office took Pfizer ($PFE) and Mylan Specialty ($MYL) to task for an ad that they said went too far in promoting how effective the EpiPen is in treating major allergic reactions. The Boston Business Journal reported that Pfizer, which makes the product, and Mylan Specialty, which markets it under license, must pay a $625,000 fine to settle charges in the case. According to the story, the issue stemmed from a one-minute television advertisement that ran multiple times during one week in April 2012. It focused on a mother talking to her son as they drove to a birthday party, noting that the EpiPen could take care of his peanut allergy. Parents and allergy advocacy groups balked, the story noted, arguing that the ad incorrectly suggested patients who used the self-administered injection of epinephrine to counter an allergic attack could avoid further treatment. The FDA ruled against the companies and the ad was pulled after a week, the article explained. Story

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