Pfizer, Exonhit partner on Alzheimer's biomarkers

Paris-based biotech Exonhit Therapeutics has established a research pact with Pfizer to discover Alzheimer's disease biomarkers via a pilot study. The study will use Exonhit's Genome-Wide SpliceArray platform (GWSA), which monitors splicing variants in RNA.

Exonhit and Pfizer hope the study will discover not only Alzheimer's biomarkers, but also identifiers for mild cognitive impairment.

"Pfizer is committed to making a number of investments to evaluate technology platforms with the potential to identify new biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease," said Dr. Aidan Power, vice president and head of pharma therapeutics precision medicine at Pfizer, in a release. "Our collaboration with Exonhit is one such example of this commitment. The discovery and validation of new AD biomarkers is important for Pfizer's effort to bring forward new treatment options for Alzheimer's patients as well as for the development of improved diagnostics."

The companies provided no financial details of the deal. Exonhit has previously worked with Allergan on neuropathic pain and BGI on gene sequencing using the GWSA platform.

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