OrthoSensor wins FDA nod for knee tech

OrthoSensor won FDA clearance for the next-generation Verasense device.--Courtesy of OrthoSensor

OrthoSensor picked up FDA clearance for its latest limb-aligning technology for knee replacements, a device the company touts as cutting out the guesswork in orthopedic procedures.

The Verasense knee system uses embedded sensors to give surgeons real-time feedback on limb alignment, implant position and soft tissue balance during knee replacements. This allows for precise, efficient procedures that are safer for patients, the company said.

"Traditionally, surgeons have relied on conventional instruments, personal judgment, and experience to assess soft tissue balance and limb alignment," CEO Jay Pierce said in a statement. "Verasense advances surgeon decision-making from a feel-based art to a quantifiable science with a low cost, easy-to-adopt solution that benefits all health system stakeholders and the patients they serve."

The single-use balancing device is compatible with many knee replacement systems, but OrthoSensor has been riding a partnership with Stryker ($SYK) since August, last month extending a co-marketing agreement that pairs Verasense with Stryker's successful Triathlon knee system.

The Florida company has raised $42 million in venture funding so far, most recently closing a $15 million round last year.

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