New guidelines recommend biomarkers in AD research; Walnuts could reduce prostate cancer risk;

> New U.S.-European guidelines recommend that biomarkers should be used in research settings to support postmortem diagnoses of Alzheimer's disease. Article | Abstract

> A team of Finnish researchers has linked 31 regions of the genome with metabolic biomarkers, including 11 that haven't been linked with metabolism before. Abstract

> Walnuts lower plasma insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a biomarker linked with prostate cancer. Press release

> Plasma pNF-H could be used to differentiate between incomplete and complete paralysis in spinal injury. Abstract

> The repairing of DNA strand breaks could indicate susceptibility to breast cancer. Abstract

> The biomarker chromogranin A could predict which neuroendocrine tumors are at risk for disease progression and so might need therapy. Abstract

> Spanish researchers look at integrating data and systems biology to improve the hunt for biomarkers. Abstract

> bioTheranostics has launched PRECIS Precision Medicine, a new product line of biomarker profiles. Press release

> Oxford Gene Technology has released a white paper called "Autoantibody biomarker panels for improved disease diagnosis." Press release

> A gene variant could predict the occurrence, severity and outcome of meningococcal disease in children. Abstract

> An expanded study showed that a monoclonal antibody test could identify early-stage pancreatic cancer biomarkers. Abstract

> Reduced levels of a biomarker might suggest an increased chance of patients with severe burns developing infections. Abstract

And Finally... CV diagnostics company Gamma Therapeutics has signed an ELISA immunoassay manufacturing contract with ZEUS Scientific. Press release