New generation of microchips examine biomarkers; Metabolon more than doubles workforce;

> A new generation of microchips developed at Caltech can quickly and inexpensively assess immune function by examining biomarkers-proteins that can reflect the response of the immune system to disease-from single cells. Release

> Biomarker developer Metabolon has more than doubled its workforce in the past two years and expects to double it again in the next two. Story

> Researchers at Indiana University identified a genetic biomarker that causes neuropathy among breast cancer patients using taxanes, which includes paclitaxel or Taxol. Report

> Scientists have used a genetically re-engineered herpes virus that selectively hunts down and infects cancerous tumors and then delivers genetic material that prompts cancers to secrete a biomarker and reveal their presence. Essentially, the virus forces the cancer to tattle on itself. Release

> A neural circuit involving a microRNA, called miR-128, might be a usable biomarkers for specific neurological diseases. Release