New biomarker test for heart disease risk; Brain structure may signal Alzheimer's

> Research indicates that a new test for a blood biomarker can be a better indicator of heart disease risk in the elderly than currently used methods. Story

> New results from a study by neuroscientists at Rush University Medical Center suggest that people at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease exhibit a specific structural change in the brain that can be visualized by brain imaging. The findings may help identify those who would most benefit from early intervention. Release

> BioMarker Strategies says it was able to raise $2 million through Maryland's biotech investment tax strategy. The investments were made by a group of wealthy individuals. Article

> Germany's Epigenomics AG and Predictive Biosciences are extending their pact regarding a prostate cancer biomarker. Report

> Metabolon announced of "Metabolic Footprint of Diabetes: A Multiplatform Metabolomics Study in an Epidemiological Setting" in PLoS ONE. Metabolon release