Japanese biopharma scopes out deal with Seattle bioelectronics startup

Seattle-based Nativis has entered into an evaluation agreement with an undisclosed major pharma company in Japan. The evaluation will look at the results of in vitro and in vivo experiments completed by Nativis at independent research facilities in the U.S. and confirm those results.

Nativis is a clinical-stage bioelectronics company. It develops noninvasive treatments for diseases like cancers.

The company's flagship device, the Voyager RFE System for recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (rGBM), aims to block the division of cancer cells by inhibiting cancer cell dynamics. The device emits low-level, nonthermal and nonionizing radio-frequency energy. The oscillating magnetic field emitted is what blocks cell division. 

"Nativis Voyager RFE System for rGBM blocks the disassembly of microtubule leading to aberration, multi-nucleation and disruption of cancer cell division," the Nativis site explained.

“Nativis utilizes its proprietary Radio Frequency Energy (RFE) technology which regulates defined bioactive targets by specific modulation of charge pathways,” the announcement explained. “RFE modulated control of charge pathways has the potential to significantly change the way cancer and other serious diseases are treated.”

The Japanese company will conduct additional experiments in its own labs, and both companies will continue discussions about other opportunities for Nativis technology and products in Japan.

“We look forward to their findings and to our ongoing conversations about other potential collaborations,” Nativis Chairman and CEO Chris Rivera said in a statement.

Rivera was named CEO of the company in January this year, with the aim of growing Nativis’ clinical and preclinical programs.

“His leadership will be instrumental in helping to grow Nativis and I look forward to partnering with him as we begin expanding our clinical and preclinical programs into new areas of unmet medical need,” said John Butters, founder of Nativis, in a statement in January. At the time Butters was also the chairman, president and CEO.

- here's the press release

- and here's the January release regarding Rivera

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