Medtronic's MiniMed insulin pumps now work with Glooko for retrospective diabetic data insights

MiniMed 530G glucose monitor--Courtesy of Medtronic

Data from diabetes devices is typically used for decision-making in the moment by a user who is looking to find guidance on their near-term activities, including medication. But startup Glooko is working to make the data from all sorts of diabetes devices--from standard blood glucose monitors to insulin pumps to continuous blood glucose monitors--available for analysis after the fact to encourage better, more informed decisions over time by patients and physicians.

The latest effort by the Mountain View, CA, startup is to make the data from Medtronic's MiniMed insulin pump available for later analysis and for incorporation alongside other sorts of data on diet, exercise, medications and sleep patterns. The expectation is that this will enable more effective treatment of and self-care by diabetes patients.

"Providing people with diabetes, their care teams and healthcare providers with actionable insights that improve decision­making to optimize care is our goal," said Annette Brüls, president of diabetes service and solutions at Medtronic, in a statement. "By integrating into the Glooko diabetes management platform, we now provide safe and secure access to meaningful diabetes information, beyond just device data, and new disease management solutions. Our partnership with Glooko reflects our overall strategy to become a holistic diabetes management company and provide new solutions for people with diabetes, for greater freedom and better health."

This is the first mobile health and remote patient monitoring platform to be compatible with Medtronic insulin pumps and sensors. The data from it is available via the Glooko Mobile App on iOS and Android smartphones.

"For the first time, clinicians will be able to access data from almost every popular diabetes device using a single, easy to use software, and Medtronic device users can finally learn from retrospective analysis of their diabetes data on the mobile phone," Glooko CEO Rick Altinger told FierceMedicalDevices.

Up next in its Medtronic partnership, Glooko expects to focus on patients with Type 2 diabetes--particularly with its support for the Medtronic iPro CGM. It aims to enable clinicians to better analyze glycemic trends.

Glooko is also working with Medtronic on its artificial pancreas tech, otherwise known as Closed Loop, which incorporates both an insulin pump and a CGM that work in concert. It enables patients to review retrospective data to make better therapy and lifestyle decisions.

The startup is also in the midst of rolling out its Glooko Advise offering--which actually recognizes patterns in a particular patient and makes therapy recommendations, such as adjustments to insulin pump settings.

- here is the Medtronic MiniMed release
- and here is the Glooko Advise announcement

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