Medtronic launches smartphone app enabling diabetics to remotely monitor their condition

MiniMed Connect app--Courtesy of Medtronic

Medtronic ($MDT) just launched a smartphone app enabling diabetes patients on its MiniMed continuous glucose monitor to view critical data remotely via their smartphone.

Using the MiniMed Connect system, patients can monitor their sensor glucose data, active insulation levels and battery level via the app, among other information. The system includes an uploader that updates the iPhone of iPod touch app about every 5 minutes, Medtronic says.

It is working with Samsung to develop an app for Android phones, such as those made by the South Korean technology company. The duo are collaborating on a partnership to develop solutions that increase the convenience of diabetics.

In a release, the company pointed to a blog post by diabetic patient Karen Gaffeo, who wrote, "I tested MiniMed Connect during a recent hike, and it was great to just look at my phone and watch my glucose levels during the trek," adding "Strenuous exercise frequently causes my sugar levels to drop, and this trail was tougher than I anticipated. The convenient access to my sensor information was such a huge help; this was the first hike I've made it through without going low."

In addition, Medtronic said MiniMed Connect allows patients to share the data with others via the company's CareLink Personal therapy management software, which delivers text message alerts to caretakers when blood sugar levels fall out of range.

Several technically oriented diabetics or their diabetic caretakers have independently created and deployed remote monitoring systems that connect to continuous glucose monitors. The vocal do-it-yourself movement is associated with the Twitter hashtag #wearenotwaiting.

Indeed, the movement deserves credit for prodding Medtronic and the FDA to develop and commercialize similar innovations for the masses, such as the MiniMed Connect system.

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