Medtronic integrates CGM, Fitbit data into mobile app

The iPro2 app (right) will integrate data from a patient's Fitbit and iPro2 continuous glucose monitor (left). Image: Medtronic

Medtronic and Fitbit are joining forces to integrate diabetes patients’ activity tracking and blood glucose data in a single app, with eyes on improving diabetes management by helping patients better understand the effects of exercise on blood glucose.

The app, dubbed iPro2 myLog, will allow patients to see data from their FitBit activity tracker alongside data from their Medtronic iPro2 continuous glucose monitoring system. While the app removes the hassle of manually entering physical activity data, it also streamlines the sharing of data with a patient’s care team.

"By creating a connection between physical activity and glucose levels, our iPro2 myLog mobile app solution provides new tools and insights, so that physicians can optimize therapy and patients can better understand how to manage their diabetes,” said Laura Stoltenberg, vice president and general manager of Non-Intensive Diabetes Therapies at Medtronic.

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The iPro2 CGM system records a patient’s blood glucose levels continuously for up to 6 days. Additionally, the system helps diabetes care providers make treatment decisions thanks to a one-page “pattern snapshot” report that highlights trends and specific problem areas.

"We believe the integration of wearable technology with professional diagnostic tools can provide a more accurate and actionable view of a patient's physical activity," said Adam Pellegrini, Fitbit’s vice president of digital health. "By partnering with Medtronic, we are able to bring the power of Fitbit's automatic activity tracking together with continuous glucose monitoring, allowing patients and providers to have a more informed conversation."

Other CGM mobile apps include Medtronic’s own MiniMed Connect app, which links to its MiniMed system. Dexcom’s G5 Mobile is a compact CGM system comprising a small sensor that communicates blood glucose data to a mobile device via Bluetooth. The system also links up to Dexcom’s cloud-based reporting system, allowing patients to access their data on multiple platforms and to share it with family and care givers. However, neither of those solutions integrates physical activity data.