Medtronic grabs CE mark for next-gen ICD

Medtronic picked up a CE mark for its Evera ICD--courtesy of Medtronic

Medtronic ($MDT) snagged CE mark approval for its Evera line of ICDs, planning to launch devices the company says offer increased longevity, lower risk of shock and a 30% reduction in skin pressure.

The company says Evera can survive up to 11 years after implantation, 25% longer than competing devices, and the ICD is outfitted with Medtronic's SmartShock Technology, which posted a 98% inappropriate-shock-free rate in one-year follow-ups.

"Patients suffering from debilitating heart rhythm disorders can rely on new treatment options that can significantly improve their quality of life, while adding peace of mind," Medtronic Vice President Marshall Stanton said in a statement. "Evera builds upon 20 years of leadership at Medtronic in driving product innovation and advancements in shock reduction therapy and device longevity."

Like most players in the space, Medtronic has endured up-and-down sales for defibrillators, posting a 3.2% decline in the first quarter of fiscal 2013 and a 2.7% drop last quarter.

But Medtronic is looking to emerging markets to pick up the slack left by slumping stateside markets. CEO Omar Ishrak wants the company to get 20% of its revenue from the likes of China and India by 2016, and commercializing efficient devices in CE mark countries is a step toward that goal.

- read Medtronic's statement

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