Medtronic launches new compression plate system for fractures

Medtronic has announced the global launch of VariLoc in China and other countries. Medtronic has been developing this next-gen tech since the launch of the MonoLoc Locking Compression Plate System almost a decade ago. This new advancement will allow for the treatment of a wide range of fractures, from simple to complex. 

The VariLoc Locking Compression Plate System uses variable angle locking tech, so surgeons are able to “adapt screw angulations to patient anatomy, capture fracture fragments, fine-tune screw trajectory after plate placement, and position screws precisely to avoid unnecessary penetration of the nearby joints,” Medtronic explained. While the system is not available for sale in the U.S., it is being released in 2016 on a country-by-country basis in China, Chile, Kenya, Pakistan, Lithuania, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Thailand and Vietnam. Launches in other markets are expected to take place in coming months, pending approval.

"The Variable Angle Locking Technology we launched today can be used to treat a wide range of bone fractures from simple to complex,” said Alex Moussa, VP and president of Medtronic Kanghui Orthopedics, a part of the restorative therapies group, in a statement.

The VariLoc system boasts an anatomical shape which has a low profile and blunt edges. This helps to avoid any soft tissue damage. The system also has a variable angle locking screw, which “allows optimal fragment fixation,” Medtronic said, and will work with both variable angle locking screws and standard locking screws.

VariLoc also has a cannulated locking screw--which Medtronic claims offers optimal compression of intra-articular fractures--and color-coding to simplify stock management and size identification.

"Medtronic Kanghui's VariLoc Locking Clavicle Plate enables surgeons to insert a screw at the best angle for the most optimal purchase in smaller bone fragments, which minimizes the risk of joint penetration,” Jian Lu of the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University said. “Low-profile plates are designed specifically for the clavicles, and more plates of diverse shapes and sizes are available for our choice, to satisfy patients with different anatomy.”

Along with the implants, Medtronic has released instrument sets. Medtronic noted that the color-coding will aid in identification during operation, and an additional screw-removal kit is available if requested.

- here's the press release

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