Masimo unveils smartglasses patient monitoring tech

Atheer's AiR glasses--Courtesy of Atheer Labs

Masimo ($MASI) and tech firm Atheer Labs are rolling out a prototype of Masimo's Root Iris display app that runs on Atheer's smartglasses device, giving Masimo a boost as it makes strides with its patient monitoring technology.

The Irvine, CA-based company's Root platform presents patient information through a hand-held monitor, and links to a variety of devices to simplify workflow and allow physicians to quickly assess a patient's condition, Masimo said on its website. The company will combine its technology with Atheer's Augmented interactive Reality (AiR) smartglasses, which allows healthcare workers to access digital information without touching a product by using human voice, gesture and head motion. Masimo and Atheer will unveil the product at the American Society of Anesthesiologists annual conference in San Diego on Oct. 24 to 28, 2015.

"This is the future of information display and interaction," Masimo CEO Joe Kiani said in a statement. "What was once seen only in the movies is now on the way to becoming a reality. When combined with our Root Iris technology, AiR Glasses may in the future empower anesthesiologists to visualize data from multiple information sources and interact with the data using motion gestures while continuing to care for the patient."

Masimo's collaboration with Atheer plays into its big plans for Root. The company sees its technology as becoming widespread, with Kiani saying this year that the product's low price point, along with its connectivity features, should make it "ubiquitous" in the industry.

Meanwhile, Masimo is delving into other applications of its patient monitoring technology, racking up regulatory approvals for its products. In December 2014, the company got an FDA OK for its wireless, wearable patient monitor, the Radius-7. The device, which is worn around a patient's arm, connects to Masimo's Root platform and can monitor individuals continually at-home or in a hospital setting.

In June, the company nabbed a CE mark for its MightySat Rx Pulse Oximeter. The wireless fingertip pulse oximeter runs on smartphones and tablets, and allows physicians to track patients for up to 12 hours through smart devices.

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